Thalēs thesis is that the traditional Futures Commission Merchant ("FCM") service model has and is continuing to undergo significant change.  Thalēs value is enhancing our clients’ brokerage experience and relationships, and providing our clients with a higher level of service.  This is accomplished by assembling a team of experienced industry professionals with an average of 25 years in the financial services industry, and by investing in state-of-the-art technology.  This team focuses on various aspects of the brokerage business including, client on‐boarding, customized reporting and reconciliation, screen and FIX based trading solutions, trade allocation and average pricing, senior client service, advisory, business development and referrals.

Thalēs’ model facilitates counterparty diversification and creates operational efficiency. Clients benefit from a single support team, superior technology, and customized solutions.  Thalēs brings a unique methodology to Futures, Foreign Exchange, and other Listed Derivatives.  Thalēs has created a boutique approach to service, relationship management, and technology while acting as an impartial partner to our clients and offering the execution and clearing capabilities of the industry’s leading FCM’s.

The nature and structure of an IB relationship is based on the fact that account owners and trading managers always maintain direct relationships with each clearing firm.  Accounts and positions are carried directly by the FCM.  All funds are held directly by the FCM.  Thalēs role is an overlay that enhances the overall brokerage experience.

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