Thalēs Approach

Superior Service

The strength of the Thalēs Introducing Broker (IB) model is the ability to get the “best of both worlds” – clients have the traditional benefits and access to each of their clearing brokers while gaining valuable service and support that is only available to our clients. Trading managers and investors are welcome to use the client service and support personnel at each broker if desired. In addition, Thalēs has a senior team of experienced professionals that can coordinate operational aspects between the clearing brokers and account owner / trading manager. This can include on-boarding new accounts, day to day client service, customized reports and queries, multi-broker aggregation, and other tools.

We maintain our own Client Service, On-boarding, eTrading, and Technology teams. Our clients can access these dedicated and experienced professionals to have an active and ongoing role in the account relationship.

Multiple Counterparties, Uniform Solutions

One of the challenges of utilizing different brokers is the disparate service, products, and support among each provider. Multi-broker relationships can come at a high legal and operational cost as these solutions all need to be supported by the client. Creating and maintaining a multi-FCM environment for counterparty diversification can lead to costly operational inefficiencies. Thalēs' model unifies the benefits of each broker while still maintaining the separate relationships. Our reporting services provide identical and harmonized clearing data across all brokers. Our client facing specialists centralize the interactions so that there is one point of contact for all issues. Our on-boarding team helps coordinate the process to minimize the cost and risk of initiating and maintaining relationships at each FCM.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Thalēs has developed its own secure proprietary portal and database, called “Harvest” that contains the clearing data for Thalēs clients provided by our clearing broker partners. Our database complements the client experience by giving them an aggregated view of their portfolios across brokers in one place. Via FTP, SFTP, or FTPS, our data center can receive clearing files from our brokers that contain all the clearing data for our clients in one file.

Clients wishing to use multiple FCM’s do so with the knowledge that there will not be a loss in service level, reporting, or transparency.  Technology aggregation between brokers can also include data files, straight through processing, middle office, trade allocation and reconciliation.  Our reconciliation and matching engine can be used to match each manager’s trade capture systems with the actual bookings at the FCMs. Harvest can serve as a data hub to confidentially and securely store and send out reports or data files to investors, trading managers, administrators, and other providers as needed.