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Peter A. Lacalamita

Peter Lacalamita

Managing Director

Peter Lacalamita is Managing Director, Sales and Relationship Management for Thales Trading Solutions ("Thales"). He is responsible for developing new relationships for Thales. Prior to joining Thales, Mr. Lacalamita was a Managing Director in Prime Broker Sales at J.P. Morgan and a Senior Managing Director at Bear Stearns, managing teams originating new relationships with hedge funds and institutional investors. In those roles Mr. Lacalamita was responsible for driving revenue growth across asset classes including Equities, Fixed Income, Futures, OTC Clearing, Foreign Exchange, and Prime Custody. Additionally, Mr. Lacalamita was the Key Account Manager for significant hedge fund clients with Global accountability across the entire J.P. Morgan franchise. Before joining Bear Stearns, Mr. Lacalamita was the Head of Foreign Exchange Sales for Prudential Securities, where he worked closely with Mr. Solomon and Mr. Cohen. Mr. Lacalamita is a graduate of Fordham University.